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I Made An Art

on Apr 4, 2019

I took some clips from quadcopter footage I shot, put them in a pleasing order, tossed in a very cool effect and then added some good music and I kind of like how this came out. Mostly.

After what has seemed like an endless cold, wet winter, spring appears to have made an appearance and this week has been increasingly nice out! I was able to get out for a little SUP surf after work yesterday and had a good time but wowee am I out of...

The college entrance cheating scandal is going to get worse before people move on to the next scandal. It isn't news that rich people abuse their positions, money and connections, it isn't news that mothers are crazy about being able to brag about wh...

So, I just renewed my domain for another year and then noticed I haven't even actually posted anything here in almost a year.Which makes me ask why I keep this site anymore?With the impending euthanasia of G+, I think it makes a bit more sense to kee...

This is one of my favorite videos I've shot recently and I only wish I'd left my camera there for a much longer time!

Prepare for Dumpage

on Mar 19, 2018

Rainbow Wave 🌊🌈 , Peahi, Hawaii. β€’Pic by @honuwhispererA post shared by Surf & Ocean Greatest Hits. (@surfer_world_) on Mar 13, 2018 at 1:57pm PDT I've got a bunch of open tabs with articles or stories I'm interested in reading so I'm ju...

Feeling Blankity Blank

on May 10, 2017

Steamer Lane from on high, a cam snap from video I shot with my 3DR Solo drone. Here's a direct link to the video this is from.I'm going to start doing more flying and videowork and expect to be posting more videos to YouTube.Here's a link to my...