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I started making a book list in 2013 and it grew to over 500 books. I felt trapped by it, and when I lost it, I felt free to make my own choices.

Music For Bugs is an awe-inspiring album that will make your day better. This gem was created by Camiidae. While this instrumental album is dedicated to bugs, but it's also perfect for humans who require something sweet and uplifting. — Read th...

Sarah J. Maas' much-anticipated book "House of Flame and Shadow" was released on Tuesday. Her massive fan base proves that "romantasy" is here to stay.

Amazon's Kindle Scribe lets you write notes and read e-books. Here are the pros and cons of the $339 device, and why we prefer Kobo's Elipsa 2E.

When you’re studying, you can try to simply memorize phrases and facts, but you should really be trying to retain concepts for the long term. One way you can do that is by using “elaborative interrogation,” a technique that helps you learn mor...

The way you study something will likely vary depending on how familiar you are with the subject matter. If you’re fairly familiar with the core concepts, you can force active recall by using flashcards to review, or enhance your grasp of a topic by...

Cramming for tests doesn’t work—scheduling consistent, serious study sessions is always a better idea. Sometimes, though, you’re in a rush to study; it happens to the best of us. And you can make the best of that by speed reading effectively. T...