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War, history, and science in a fractured world. A hopefully educated and objective look at the amazing world we live on. Emphasis on current events, ongoing wars, space exploration, science, and history. Also: earth mysteries, economics, and politics.

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24 May 1941. Big event today in history, so I will write about it instead of ranting about nonsense in the news. On this day in 1941 was The Battle of the Denmark Strait. This was the only daytime engagement between battleships during World War Two.

Public domain Image from Snappygoat. I was in the library the other day, as is often my wont, minding my own business. Which consists of wandering through the shelves looking for interesting books. And, well, keeping an eye open for interesting women...

I’m a fan of Game of Thrones. My favorite show since Breaking Bad. The Walking Dead is up there too. Future psychiatrists can make of that what they will. Today however the topic is Game of Thrones and feudalism. Game of Thrones does appear to be r...

Photo from this website. This one really is an extemporaneous post. It’s Thursday night, exhausted from a long day of physical therapy, treasure hunting, and politics. The therapy went well, I am slowly but surely recovering the use of my left arm.

Mildred Harnak. Image is free to use according to Wikipedia:ticket #2008031210021854 Another extemporaneous post. Boy, getting even uglier on the Iran front, with ships being sabotaged. Trump blames Iran, predictable and silly. Effective though if he...


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Scene during the Iran/Iraq War. Photographer unknown, public domain image. I was writing a lovely post involving tanks and Hitler, can’t go wrong with that combination, but realized there is a topic in the news I have been sidestepping around. Two...

Photographer: Andrew J. Russell Public Domain under US copyright law. A BBC presenter, Danny Baker, has been fired for being a racist poopy head. He tweeted a picture of a British royal couple with their child … the child being depicted as a chimp.