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Economics and cow attacks.

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on Apr 16, 2023

What do readers think should happen to this blog, now that Mark has died? Suggestions as to what to do and, especially, how to do it, very welcome.


on Mar 29, 2023

For those who were wondering, like me, where Mark had got to, it appears, sadly, that he has died.There is an obituary by Thomas B Hall here...


on Mar 21, 2023

I've just received the following two emails: From: Blogger To: blahSubject: Your post titled 'Take that, Ms Harman!' has been deletedDate: Tue, 21 Mar 2023 12:15:45 +0000 Hello, As you may know, our community guidelines (https://blogger.

This is in the nature of a question.Wandering around the interweb I have found quite a bit of debate as to whether crude oil is actually, or entirely, a fossil fuel.  There is some speculation that oil is - possibly in part - a mineral created a...

Whilst the Greta Thunbergs of this world have been wringing their hands and wailing about the disaster that will follow if we don't cut back on CO2 emissions, the planet has been quietly making the most of a good thing.The planet is greening. Not onl...

The Inner Ring

on Feb 22, 2023

Like me you might have been wondering why the EU persists in its sanctions against Russia, despite it now being completely obvious that not only are they not working against Russia, but that they are hurting the EU countries more than they hurt Russi...