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Economics and cow attacks.

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Fun With Numbers

on Sep 20, 2019

The Lass and I were brainstorming yesterday, and between us, came up with this sequence/pattern, where x,y are positive integers.I am using the European convention of using a full stop to denote 'multiply', so "x^3.y" means "x-cubed times y" (to avoi...

Should be nice weather tomorrow, I will be at The Brewmaster from 5.20 onwards for an hour or two.Leicester Sq Tube, exit one and left into the alleyway. I'll put a yellow leaflet on the table so you can spot me/us.Contact me at

From Letting Agent Today:An influential think tank [the Institute for Public Policy Research] says Capital Gains Tax on buy to let properties and second homes should be levied at the higher rate of the income tax of the owner. Meanwhile the annu...

From The Daily Mail:Bull-runner, 26, gets gored in the leg twice before being flipped into the air and dragged along the street in front of shocked onlookersHow do they work that out? It's like saying people were 'shocked' to see a man knocked uncons...

First day at university

on Sep 16, 2019 in: Children

The Lad moved into student halls of residence at the weekend. (Rather ironically, his uni is within half an hour of our home, but he dug his heels in and insisted he was moving out, whole 'nother story.)Mrs W had offered to drive him and his stuff do...

Excellent article by Noah Smith at Bloomberg, h/t the Resolution Foundation email round up.No point in paraphrasing or summarising, the article is fairly short and to the point.

This appeared in Facebook: On the face of it, it seems logical. Our oil refineries are going to be clobbered on the petrol they export to the EU, at the same time as they are going to be undercut by tariff free foreign imports. This will lead to the...