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When a bear paid a visit to a woman's house in Highland Lakes, New Jersey this month, she kindly asked it to close her front door — and although a little hesitant, that's exactly what her lumbering visitor does.

"Somedays you can't see your feet, but they're there." Frank Herbert is rolling in his grave… because he's laughing hysterically.

Generations of wood carvers in Pakistan continue this craft, which dates back 2,000 years.

Pretzel may be snoring away, but her fauxhawk is a-flowin'! Pretzel's hair is growing out from her late-summer cut. The boss gets too warm with a full cut here in SoCal, so she demands a buzz on most of her body by June/July and generally g...

I had no idea this was ever a thing, but my slightly younger brother was probably totally into it.

Prankster Rob Dobi (who is an illustrator IRL) called into conservative talk show "Life with Liz" in Nashua, New Hampshire to "punk" her and her posse. Although they never caught on, Dobi "slammed" the left with a bit of poetry that included as many...

Professional snooker player Shaun Murphy, who has amassed over $4 million in winnings, was so angry to lose to an amateur player in this year's UK Championship that he told the BBC: "I am going to sound like a grumpy old man but that young man sh...