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As the industry struggles, these thirsty dictionary empires battle peppily for online dominance.

Elliot Schrage, an architect of Facebook’s responses to recent scandals, said Thursday that he was ending a decade of service.

In 454 pages made public by Congress on Monday, Facebook provided responses to more than 2,000 questions from lawmakers over its policies.

As the industry struggles, these thirsty dictionary empires battle peppily for online dominance.

Last week, Papua New Guinea made international headlines when its government said it would consider banning Facebook for a month. Announced by the country's communications minister Sam Basil on Jun. 29, the department and its National Research Instit...

I think I started posting my own photos online sometime in 2002-2003. During all this time, two things have remained the same: the overall ignorance of most web users about photographic copyright and the duplicity of some social media websites in kee...

Christian Marclay worked with Snapchat engineers on an installation that harvested and manipulated the sounds of publicly available posts.