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The tech giant has begun charging U.S. law enforcement for responses to search warrants and subpoenas.

You know things are bad when the comedians have it in for you. In November, Sacha Baron Cohen went viral. The comedian has pulled some pretty good pranks in the past, but this video didn’t show him fooling a politician as a rapper or playing a jour...

The 2020 Olympic Summer Games don't commence for six months, but plenty of marketing work goes into the international event well beforehand. NBC, which owns the media rights to the Olympic Games, has renewed its deal with Snap to publish daily c...

2020 hasn't been the best for memes so far, probably because of how bad everything else is. This "the poem/the poet" meme is pretty good, though. At the very least, it's a pleasant ride through some notable moments in pop culture. The side-by-side im...

Online forums carry personal details of potential targets like industry leaders and their families. The police are struggling to find a solution.

"Mr. Peanut" has "died," according to the Planters mascot's official Twitter account.  The sentient legume's demise is part of a Super Bowl ad campaign, according to AdAge, which began with a video of Mr. Peanut sacrificing himself to save his f...

You won't have to venture far beyond your Facebook feed to get a pro golf fix this year. The social network has reached a deal with the PGA Tour to bring daily round recaps and player-oriented highlight videos to Facebook Watch in 2020, startin...