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Although the damage appeared limited to a few taunting posts, it came after a string of deeper, but apparently unrelated, breaches.

Discord, a chat app for video game players, became a digital home for the alt-right before deciding to ban their chat rooms on Monday.

While Donald Trump flounders on delivering the right message about Charlottesville, other Republicans are out there saying what needs to be said about the chaos of the weekend. One of those politicians is Marco Rubio. Rubio took to Twitter to explai...

Republican politicians are out this evening putting out what appear to be reactions to Donald Trump’s ill-advised press conference. In the wake of Trump’s statement that both sides share fault in the Charlottesville violence (a claim orig...

Last week, a major blowup occurred when Dana Loesch, who had appeared in a viral ad for NRA TV, was accused of threatening to “fist” the New York Times. Except the word she used was “fisk” – as in, hold the Times account...

Mr. Lord, a CNN contributor and stalwart Trump loyalist, was abruptly fired after posting “Sieg Heil” on Twitter in a heated exchange with the president of a media watchdog site.

The company did little to ease concerns about its future, posting financial results that missed Wall Street expectations.