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Digital marketing is one of the most sought-after, valued skills today. Period. (No disrespect to all the coders out there, of course.) That's because online marketing is now the lifeblood of any enterprise. Any stores — even brick-and-mortar o...

This is blatant narrative control. The post Facebook Suspends Editor-in-Chief of “Human Events” Over 11-Year-Old Post About Gender appeared first on RedState.

A fake video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, slowed down to make her appear drunk, has been viewed nearly 2.5 million times on Facebook. It has been shared nearly 50,000 times, with thousands of comments. But as far as Facebook is concerned, the video...

Just. Stop. The post Stelter Explains His (Former) Obsession With Avenatti, Gives Farcical “Trump-Like Mastery of the Media” Excuse appeared first on RedState.

There's a reason "Old Town Road" has been No.1  for seven weeks straight: Everyone loves it. That includes this gym full of elementary schoolers, who closed out their school's fifth grade talent show with a deeply wholesome mass sing-along. Fele...

Worth watching again and again. The post Video: #TBT to That Glorious Moment Tucker Carlson Called out Michael Avenatti on His Exploitation of Stormy Daniels appeared first on RedState.

The media continues to be myopic in its milkshake mendacity. The post Of Milkshakes and Men – The Left is Knotted Trying to Justify Violence Against the Right appeared first on RedState.