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A 59-year-old man already suffering health problems has died in Mexico from bird flu, the first known human death from the emerging variant of the disease. Mexico's Health Ministry also said in a statement the source of infection had not been identi...

The new strain of bird flu has infected more than 90 million chickens and has spread to cows, and even humans. Here's what you need to know.

Avian flu has been detected in multiple US states. A food safety expert explained how you should think about meat, dairy, and egg consumption right now.

Chickens have an incredible and bizarre ability to keep their heads still while their bodies move around.  It's hard to believe that there isn't an invisible hand holding the chicken's head in place while its body moves through the air. I never knew...

Have you noticed that when you crack eggs these days, they frequently chip more and, annoyingly, result in a tiny piece floating in your bowl or pan trapped in the the white for all eternity even as you try to pull it out? — Read the rest The...

Have you noticed you're getting bits of shell in the bowl more often lately when you crack an egg? It's a real thing. Two experts told me why.

"Have you ever seen a glitch n the matrix?" joked a TikToker named Brianna Antoinette who happened to be filming her new chickens when they all simultaneously froze in mid-strut for no apparent reason. "What the fu–, why are they all not moving?