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Jottings about public speaking, presentation, conversation and anything els...

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Exercises in the higher banter with One of 26. Elsewhere called 'poet ...

Clarity: Simple. Transparent. Social. Sustainable.Clarity: Simple. Transparent. Social. Sustainable.

My personal passion has always been around the integration of different lea...

Marketing Unleashed: inspired marketing for savvy marketersMarketing Unleashed: inspired marketing for savvy marketers

Marketing Unleashed: inspired marketing for savvy marketers. Tips, advice a...


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Health messages should avoid spotlighting bad behaviors because it makes them seem more common. Instead, highlight good behavior, like wearing masks.

Being friends with your coworkers can be great, but it can get you in trouble if you don't keep things professional at work.

"We can use data analysis and technology tools to give non-humans a lot more choice and control," the former Genesis frontman, dressed in his signature Nehru-style collar shirt and loose, open waistcoat, told IEEE Spectrum at the inaugural&...

Negative feedback tends to hit sensitive people extremely hard, so it helps to recognize the valuable parts of the criticism and ignore the rest.

Amy Morin says Oprah's direct questions, reflective listening, and authentic interest in her guests' stories encourage them to open up.

You may be what's known as an 'introverted skeptic' - counteract it by engaging with your coworkers and asking for constructive feedback.

It's all part of a student design project, called "Feel the Conversation," that seems to take its name very seriously.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Communication, Phones, Tongue, and Haptic Feedback...