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True and funny stories about my life as a dysfunctional mom and wife! We need a sitcom!

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on Oct 21, 2017

Feeling embarrassed. How did I not know our oldest has severe allergic reactions to graham crackers. Let me tell you how I found out.So I'm sitting with two other moms at our daughters' tennis match, and during a break, before they transitioned...

A few years ago we kept a family prayer box.Our daughter was probably in fourth grade and our son was in second.We told them that they could write down anything and place it in the box and we would all pray over the box and share if/when the prayers...


on Jul 8, 2017 in: Family

Our daughter is really into Cosplay. We've grown accustomed to receiving packages from China, wigs from local beauty stores and fully, professional looking videos of her, uploaded onto, by our creative 16-year-old.But I lea...


on Apr 26, 2017

Got stuck today.Not in traffic.Not in an elevator.Got stuck in my clothes!I was running late for a doctor's appointment today. Needed to use the bathroom but no time. The office wasn't too far away.Traffic was a little slow but got there with a few m...


on Mar 10, 2017

My memory isn't what it used to be but it was pretty good when I was younger. Spending summers at my Godmother's house helped with that. We really referred to our mornings as prison time. Her daughter would cook oatmeal; regular oatmeal. I can still...

Little Michael Evans

on Dec 28, 2016 in: church

I realize as I type this that I need to get back to posting about our two kids and parenting. May need to give more updated background about them so that you will understand why they are still so amusing after all these years- especially if you are a...

No Talking!

on Dec 1, 2016

During the last thunderstorm, our son said, "Shh!"Laughing, I told him, "It's okay. It's just thunder.""At Grandma's house we have to turn everything off and we can't talk," he informed me.Shaking my head, I walked to the window to see if the rain wa...