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Filmmaking Stuff offers filmmaking information to serious independent filmmakers.

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When it comes to film distribution, many filmmakers subscribe to outdated release strategies. Not Jack Kelley. He spent the majority of his career working in structured finance in New York. And he was able to leverage his finance background to produc...

What we are experiencing is the film industry equivalent of sweat shop labor flooding the market with cheaply produced product. And as a result of these diminished margins, filmmakers must now think in terms of volume. So instead of putting 100% focu...

As a filmmaker, getting feedback for your movie is essential. In this article, Jason Brubaker provides some tips on how to get the most bang out of your screening party.

Before you hire a social media guru to run your crowdfunding campaign, you may want to read this article about the myth of the social media guru.

I completed a zombie feature film called Project:Eugenics for only $5000. That’s right. It is a full eighty minute zombie feature film with various location changes, more than a dozen actors and some very cool VFX shots. You might wonder how on...

Don't try filmmaking alone. It is too challenging. You can't know everything. To speed up the process, find people who complement your skill set.

For those of you planning to crank out some movies, I recommend you start small. Find a few collaborators and assign jobs based on interest. Then grab a camera and complete some micro projects such as music videos, short films and funny sketches for...