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Filmmaking Stuff offers filmmaking information to serious independent filmmakers.

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Your filmmaking "Audience List" is your most important asset. And let me give you 5 reasons ALL filmmakers should start building their audience list (based on our mistakes) today!

When writing a screenplay, there are lots of questions you can ask about your characters to get to know them better. Read this Filmmaking Stuff guest article from screenwriter Jurgen Wolff.

As a filmmaker, one of the toughest parts about making a movie is knowing where to start. The following film production checklist will give you an overview of the low budget, independent filmmaking process.

Most filmmakers either they understand the studio business or they understand indie filmmaking. But what about filmmaking as your next small business?

Regardless of what tactics you utilize to raise the production value, just remember that telling a story should be your primary focus. Each fancy camera move, the colors you choose, the format, locations and your choice in actors should all be motiv...

Color grading will give every film you create a unique vibe. At Filthy Look Films, we have been able to leverage our toolbox to create campaigns ranging from a Wrangler Asia-Pacific spot to a music video for artist 360. I believe that having the righ...

In the past, filmmakers made a movie, got lucky and ended up with a BIG paycheck with incremental increases on the back end. These days filmmakers need to think about their movies in ways akin to how traditional investors think about dividends from b...