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Filmmaking Stuff offers filmmaking information to serious independent filmmakers.

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If you're a screenwriter, you'll need some professional screenwriting. In this article, filmmaking stuff offers links to free software and resources.

Got a movie? Are you looking to create a self distribution film campaign so you can start selling? Then this film distribution article is for you.

A film press release is a marketing tool. And it’s a one to two page document that tells media outlets about something that’s newsworthy. In terms of a movie this could be a crowdfunding campaign, casting calls; screenings or festival wins. This...

My name is Chris Foster. When I was 19 years old, I was obsessed with making a feature film. The problem was, I only had two-thousand-dollars. But I didn’t let lack of resources get in my way. I figured out how to keep a safe set, while gettin...

Let's suppose you go out and raise $100K for your movie. And let's say you make your movie, but you do not garner a dream distribution deal. And for the sake of this article, let's say the only way you can recoup your investment is by making $4.99 (a...

If you are looking to market your movie inexpensively, you need to Grow Your Email List. Here are some tactics.

A comment I hear sometimes when I listen to producers is “Why aren’t there more fresh ideas in Hollywood?” Let’s leave aside the fact that if you come up with anything too fresh it scares producers. I think the problem is that...