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Filmmaking Stuff offers filmmaking information to serious independent filmmakers.

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This country is full of wealthy and successful people (not dentists) who are very kind and generous when it comes to giving advice to young entrepreneurs.

I don't give a crap about the idiot Hollywood snobs who would much rather ignore you and your HD camera. And so what if you never worked with Spielberg or for that matter any "name" talent. And who really cares if some band of ivy league film school...

Sooner or later the filmmaking bug hits you. . . It's like a far off voice or compulsion. But like breathing, for the serious independent filmmaker, the need to make a feature is always present.

My first short indie film was a two-day shoot with a crew of maybe four. We had a budget of under a thousand dollars, which also needed to cover post and festival submissions. Our cast worked for credit and supplied their own costumes. And because we...

An independent film business plan allows you to fully understand the business aspects of your project. You will want to outline your budget and show how the money will be spent. You will also highlight your team, your objectives and importantly, your...

As a filmmaker, it's easy to make excuses for why you aren't making movies. Maybe you don't have enough experience, time, money, connections, friends or [fill in the blank with your best reason HERE.]...

In this movie marketing article, Jason Brubaker helps you avoid the 5 movie marketing mistakes that make you look dumb.