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Filmmaking Stuff offers filmmaking information to serious independent filmmakers.

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OK. So you made a movie. Great. And so what if traditional distributors rejected you. Lets talk about how you're going to market your movie, so you have the chance at recouping a little investment.

If you want become a filmmaker, desire and ambition is not enough. Your ability to get a movie made, seen and sold relies solely on YOUR persistence to make a movie. Your goal is to create an amazing vision for your career and keep going when things...

Making a movies is a long term game. One of the mental attributes that all successful people share in common is a never ending ability to keep their eye on the prize. The secret formula for filmmaking success is patience plus unyielding persistence i...

The easiest way to recognize and distinguish a brand is by its logo. In the film industry production logos are usually seen at the beginning of films, on posters, websites and other materials that market the movie. Some of logos have become very famo...

While it's safe to provide projections - any investor with any business experience will understand that each project carries it's own risk to reward ratio. Your goal as a filmmaker is to help mitigate these risks as best you can.

With the emergence of awesomely inexpensive production technology, making a movie is getting easier. This is the future of filmmaking.

In this article, we explore mobile filmmaking and how you can make short films on your smart device. Read this article to learn more.