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Good morning to a healthy 2019!Hearty breakfasts like this Broccoli, Kale, Winter Squash with Egg should be done more often. Truth is, there is hardly any time to prepare so many ingredients (kitchen war zone evidenced below) before 7am.But the break...

Golden Milk

on Dec 28, 2018 in: Vegetarian

As the name implies, this milk has turned golden with the use of turmeric. It has also turned "golden" because milk is now more precious, worth many anti-inflammatory benefits.An Ayurvedic tradition - Golden Milk is a tonic that is meant to be nouris...

This pasta bowl has no sauce, and it is not missing any.The garlic-cilantro oven-roasted shrimps, and the roasted zucchini and bell peppers  (alike Oven-Style Ratatouille and Vegetable Tian) are all good components of flavors to the pasta.

There is nothing special about this pot of udon noodles. Though prepared with quite the basic everyday ingredients that you find in a working kitchen, this simple homecooked one-pot noodles is still very flavorful and satisfying that you slurp till t...

Leftovers from Tandoori Chicken Salad? The leftovers can conveniently be used as fillings for sandwiches and wraps; and especially when making sandwiches using pita bread, this Tandoori Chicken Salad can easily be stuffed into the bread pockets.

Tian.Does saying it in French makes it more sophisticated? Simply, it is traditional oven-roasted vegetables layers in an earthenware.Here, a not-so-traditional approach has been adopted for the vegetable tian; or more accurately, it should not be ev...

With its bright orange flesh, kabocha squash is an excellent source of beta-carotene that can be converted to vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A is important for healthy white blood cells, good immunity and for vibrant, healthy eyes, skin and hair. T...