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Whether you need a sturdy sofa or elegant dining table, here are the best furniture stores for all styles and budgets.

If you’ve got an alcove, corner, or otherwise awkward empty space in a room that needs a little extra storage or decorative touch, the best solution may be a simple floating shelf. Floating shelves are cost-effective to make—and are fairly easy t...

While there have long been diehard fans of vintage and antique furniture, the furniture shortage and resulting delivery delay throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has made higher-end secondhand shopping even more competitive. And with the increased deman...

Full-length mirrors are great for making sure your entire outfit goes together from head to toe. Plus, they can double as wall decor for your space.

An end table makes a useful and attractive accent in a living room or in tight spaces. Here are some of the best end tables that you can buy.

Consumer demand for products that include foam, like couches and mattresses, remains so high that the foam industry is struggling to keep up.

Upcycling furniture can add original flair to your space while keeping furniture out of the landfill—a real win-win, especially when you remember how expensive it is to buy new furniture, and how much of it isn’t built to last unless you’re wil...