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A diary of thoughts about sculpture, visual art, music, current affairs and rural affairs and trivia.

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I have just delivered my latest work to the foundry. Strictly speaking this is an old work which I did for a client some years ago. She has an interesting story. I spotted a discarded colour supplement on the floor of my studio which had been pl...

The Alpine Sculpture

on Jan 30, 2019

"Kara", a female of a French gun dog breed called a Korthal Griffin, turned out to be the most endearing dog which took to us immediately upon our arrival at her French home.  She has had an interesting history - she was rescued as a yo...


on Aug 19, 2018

Great new project "Richie" ...

John Angel Sculptor

on Sep 13, 2017

Central, in Kings Square Bridgwater is this amazing war memorial which caught my eye recently. I looked for a signature but could find none. I am assured however that it is signed and it is 'an Angel', that is John Angel, a celebrated sculptor on bot...


on Jan 12, 2017

Really is this green. Quantocks Old England ...

New Flying Spaniel

on May 26, 2016

I have been commissioned to 'do' another spaniel. Here is the clay original. She will be 'feathered' at the wax stage and the he pillar removed. ...

I was commissioned by an old friend to do another girl on tummy. The original was one of my first works back in the last century! She was very popular and sold out quite quickly. 'Hermione' I hope will be appreciated too, in another eight households.