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One of the greatest musicians of our generation, Prince would have been 62 today....

Keshit Look-alike

on May 14, 2020

It’s very windy today in London. I’ve just spotted this broken branch which reminded me of the aerial view of Keshit Village in Kerman Province, Iran....

Zip in the Sky

on May 14, 2020


May Day

on May 1, 2020

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on Apr 6, 2020

"In one hand holding A cup of wine In the other caressing your hair What I really yearn for Is dancing with you in the open-air!" My free translation of this beautiful fragment from a poem by Rumi: یک دست...


on Apr 4, 2020

The cup created masterfully for you to take Even a drunk consider impertinent to break So many beautiful heads and feet, from top to toe Created by whose love, shattered by whose woe My translation of one of my...

How sweet the flowers are! Enjoy them now, for they As quickly as they bloomed Will fall and fade away. We're all friends here my dear, Sing love songs! Why should you Sing yet again? As that Has gone,...