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A review of Neri Oxman's work found many instances of outright plagiarism — including directly from Wikipedia.

This year, Business Insider's creative team visualized everything from the cost of extreme weather to the coronation of King Charles.

Our tech reporters searched for the best Cyber Monday deals on graphics cards. But hurry, these discounts won't last after tonight.

With better and cheaper competition [Amazon] at the entry level, Wacom appears to be focusing on higher-end and more expensive devices. The latest Cintiq Pro models come in 17.3-and 21.5-inch sizes, have 120hz touch-capable 10-bit displays, 100% Rec.

The Glitch Gallery is an online exhibition of pretty bugs. This is a museum of accidental art, an enthusiastic embrace of mistakes, a celebration of emergent beauty. Learn more? Below you can browse the exhibits in our collection. Keep scrollin...

British baker Kim-Joy first came to prominence on the 2018 season of The Great British Bake-Off, where she was one of the two runner-ups for the season. While she's written several cookbooks since then — even teamed up with Skybound for a cooperati...

Play a game from the early 3D era of games and cobble_stone may well lurk somewhere in the blurmapped angles. Here's a history of the vastly overused texture and an inquiry into its origins. I won't ruin what's maybe a fairly obvious answer, at least...