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This is a blog created by Warren Brown, a freelance writer and Entrepreneur, who lives in the United Kingdom. Warren has a great interest in ECommerce and Search Engine Optimization.Warren loves comics and the movies.

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Halloween of Life

on Nov 1, 2019 in: life, poetry

I have just published my poem and artwork titled "Halloween of Life", on Medium, which you are welcome to read and share.

Happy Halloween 2019

on Oct 31, 2019 in: art

Here are a few of my Halloween Sketches.Have a Happy Halloween...

Discover the history and the origins of the mixed race ethnic minority Indian community on the brink of extinction called Anglo-Indians.

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Starting Can Be Tough

on Oct 4, 2019

It is always difficult to begin to do something new.I am always reminded of the Proverb often quoted of Lao-Tzu, the Chinese Philosopher who wrote a lot about the philosophy Tao, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."Read the article o...

Your Next Big Break

on Oct 4, 2019 in: success

How long has it been since your last big break?It has been quite a while and perhaps you have even forgotten what the last big break was in your life.Read the article on how you can start to make things happen for you and keep making breaks and findi...

Dreams Come True

on Oct 4, 2019

You can make your Dreams Come True.Read the article on when your dreams come true.Are you ready to make your dreams into a reality?