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This is a blog created by Warren Brown, a freelance writer and Entrepreneur, who lives in the United Kingdom. Warren has a great interest in ECommerce and Search Engine Optimization.Warren loves comics and the movies.

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I have always been  very interested in film making.The Lexus Short Films is a great series worth watching if you are keen about film making.


Have a Happy Chinese New Year!My thoughts on Inspiration and Genius.

What is Inspiration?

on Jan 28, 2017 in: inspiration


Book Covers Animated

on Jan 28, 2017

Happy New Year 2017These are a few of my book Covers which I have animated and which look really nice.

Storyteller- Gargoyle BloodStoryteller- Gargoyle Blood- Free on 17 to 21 January 2017The Aging Gargoyle VirusFifteen residents and four of the workers were turned to stone and they were sitting at the dinner table, having had their meals interrupted.

Free- Storyteller Quake Myths- 9 to 13 January 2017Melissa the Painter and her Magical ArtIn the event of a second major quake, everything and everyone in the village could be wiped out within a few minutes.Melissa had no intention of leaving her hom...