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I struggle to stay creative in an endless lockdown loop, and read look at two great new sci-fi comics: Rosemary Valero-O’Connell’s Don’t Go Without Me and Genu.

This week I ramble on about depression, Death Stranding, auteurship, creator-owned comics, The Lighthouse, and David Robertson’s Bell Time.

In the first of a new ongoing column format, I explain why I’m quitting writing comic reviews – but why I’ll still be writing about indie comics.

As part of the Titan Comics Blade Runner 2019 blog tour, I ask just why the hell everyone in cyberpunk needs to wear a trench coat.

The final Indie Penance (for now) says farewell with mini-reviews of Glorious Wrestling Alliance, Murder, The Belles, Lonely Dogs Anthology and Herbert West.

This week: The Illuminati Ball, Dodge Danger and Going to the Chapel, Serious Creatures and Geek Girl.

Indie Penance is back from its summer break with Griff Gristle, The Legend of La Mariposa and Daughter of Titan.