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The opinions of a Democrat for Life, Feminist for Life, spiritual woman liv...

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Describes just another day in my life as a teacher, a wife, a daughter and ...

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The ups and downs of a mostly stay at home mom trying to balance life, love...


Personal blog of a married and babied chick

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Wedding tips, trends, inspriations and much more!

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Tales from the anti-soccer mom of 3 great kids, Erma Bombeck with a bite. H...

The Thrill Is Gone!The Thrill Is Gone!

True and funny stories about my life as a dysfunctional mom and wife! We ne...


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After reports of Natalie Portman's separation from Benjamin Millepied, the couple have been spotted without their wedding rings.

My husband and I have never shared a credit card. We have separate bank accounts aside from a joint account, and we don't fight over money.

Earlier this week, I had the distinct displeasure of introducing you to our new House Speaker, Mike Johnson, who’s previously blamed school shootings on abortion, compared abortion to the Holocaust, and stressed the need for women to pop out “abl...

Ultra MAGA Rep. Mike Johnson is the new Speaker of the House, after GOP lawmakers voted unanimously to give him the role that places him second in line for the presidency. Johnson is a staunch foe of abortion, LGBTQ rights, and democratic elections.

When is the best time to start being sexually intimate in a relationship, according to science? The answer, like many relationships, is complicated.

The number of Americans living with a spouse and children has plummeted in the last 50 years.

Despite the stigma against prenups, financial experts see a different side to the agreements and think all couples should consider them.