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Life on a free range egg farm

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Researchers at the University of New England have confirmed that free range hens are more productive and lay more eggs, compared with hens kept in cages or locked in sheds. They found that ranging hens could produce more eggs not only because they ra...

Researchers at at Texas A&M University recently completed a project on the role calcium plays in the intestinal health of poultry, particularly in relation to the development of salmonella. Dr. Audrey McElroy conducted two experiments to better def...

Genuine free range farms have been swamped by demand for eggs as consumers have realised that eggs in major supermarkets are not the real thing but are all from intensive production systems. Free free range farms like us, sell out all the time, so th...

preparing pasture

on Jun 27, 2020

Preparing land for grazing can be a tedious process but it helps to have the right equipment – a tractor with a cab is good and a decent flail mower is ideal.

Algal blooms in rivers and waterways are generally a Result of political indifference and poor land management. Claims. In Britain that the ‘ecological disaster’ of algal blooms facing ‘the Wye River is said to be a by-product of intensive prod...

A commercial egg farm west of Melbourne has tested positive for Salmonella Enteritidis (SE), a bacterial infection that can cause illness in humans. Agriculture Victoria has not identified the farm but has placed a quarantine order on it. Eggs will o...

Chicken eggs are are regarded as a super food and a low cost source of protein as well as containing other key nutrients. They may be naturally high in cholesterol. But the cholesterol in eggs doesn't raise cholesterol levels in the body the way oth...

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