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So you like Beer? Do you like adventures? Well this is the site for you

In search of a life less ordinaryIn search of a life less ordinary

Looking to find a different way of living, I headed overseas in the summer ...

Tales from Whiskey-VilleTales from Whiskey-Ville

All about sex, and dating in the modern age. Who are we? We're your ne...


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We arrived home just as a beautiful, soft rain shower began the other day. I opened the curtains and caught a hummingbird playing in the rain. He played and played for about thirty minutes. Such a blessing to simply watch his joy.

A few shots of the toucans around the house lately. ENJOY!!!

The other morning on my walk I discovered this sweet sloth. My gaze wandered around the tree top and rested on ... what... I called hubby to come out and verify . We see wildlife often but it always surprises me. You never know what will cross your p...

The day after Christmas was a magical one around here. White fronted parrots greeted me on an early morning walk. Then this little critter, an opossum came walking right up to me. He stayed around long enough for me to go get hubby and return to the...

Wishing you a healthy, joy filled holiday season!

Halloween isn't a traditional holiday in Costa Rica thus the ridiculous price of pumpkins found at Walmart earlier this week. No trick! No treat either! Yes, you can have a cindirella pumpkin for 13, 970 colones, $25.29 at today's exchange rate. Sinc...

One of our resident rufous tailed hummingbirds has been letting me get close lately. I was able to get some awesome shots this morning.