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From Bloomberg: El Salvador intends to issue the world's first sovereign Bitcoin bonds and build Bitcoin City, which will be free of income, property and capital gains taxes, President Nayib Bukele announced in the beach town of Mizata t...

After 75 years of wanting a white picket fence, COVID changed it all. The American Dream home comes in four shapes now and so do attitudes about life.

The recently-released data from the Census Bureau will let states begin redrawing congressional and state legislative boundaries for the next decade.

Raccoons invade cities across America, drawn to the garbage we leave behind. These clever critters thwart every attempt we make to stop them.

Our built environment contributes to hundreds of millions of bird deaths. Migratory birds are well adapted for long flights, using the sun, stars, and the Earth's magnetic field as navigation. But once they enter cities, it's a very different —...

The pandemic accelerated preexisting migration, but BofA says reopening will spark a return. NYC and San Francisco are already seeing that happen.

Americans don't reckon with history well, especially when it comes to the indigenous people our forefathers displaced (and worse) in order to live on this land. Growing up in New Haven County, I remember being taught a lot about the local Quinnipiack...