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A Republican consultant close to Trump's campaign said Trump came up with the idea himself and was likely inspired by Saudi Arabia.

The Republican presidential candidate laid out futuristic proposals on Friday, calling for a 'quantum leap' in the American standard of living.

Major cities are losing between $2,000 and $5,000 for each employee working either hybrid or remotely, according to a new study.

 The Australia Institute, media release, 14 February 2023: New analysis reveals residents born in Far West NSW are suffering substantially worse health outcomes than residents in Sydney. People in Far West NSW are dying earlier than they should,...

Places from Maine to Mississippi are giving away bikes, free gym memberships, and even free houses to lure remote workers and other relocators.

The 49-storey Quay Quarter Tower in Sydney, Australia has won a string of awards for its innovative and sustainable construction.

New York is still #1, but the city lost 12% of its millionaires in the first half of 2022. See the full list.