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Erik Finman is a twenty-something bitcoin maximalist as famous for his precocity as he is for his $12 bet on the currency a few years ago. Now, Finman, who built his first company while still in high school, is launching a new startup called CoinBits...

McDonald’s workers went on strike on Thursday in 13 cities for a $15 hourly pay and union rights for all workers at the chain. They’re working with the Fight for $15 movement and speaking up about sexual harassment and safety issues at th...

The Trump administration has spent much of the past 24 hours blaming the president’s refusal to act on infrastructure on House Democrats, claiming they are too busy investigating him to pass any legislation. But unlike the Republican-controlled...

A growing number of filmmakers and production companies are announcing they will not do business in Georgia following the state’s decision to enact a six-week abortion ban. Emmy-award-winning director Reed Morano was set to visit Georgia this...

We are witnessing the greatest paradigm shift in power since the advent of the venture capital industry.

The canaries in the coalmine. The post Ohio Democrats Have Figured Out How Much Trouble the Party Is In Against Trump appeared first on RedState.

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) likes free trade so much he literally wrote a book on it. He calls tariffs a tax on the American people. But now that President Donald Trump is using unilateral tariffs in a so-far-unsuccessful attempt to leverage China, Toomey...