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They want all the benefits without the work. The post Millennials Want To Retire Early, But Aren’t Saving To Do So appeared first on RedState.

State laws limiting the amount of money cities and towns can raise in property taxes each year have hamstrung municipal budgets and schools, engendered racial inequality, and further burdened low-income people, according to a new report from the Cent...

Commercial trade between people and peoples – is subject to what everything else on the planet is subject: human nature. Much of what one should know about human nature – could have been learned in high school.  Life – is high scho...

Ever since the Donald Trump Administration’s Trump Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced it was undoing the Barack Obama Administration FCC’s unilateral, Congress-free imposition of 1934 monopoly landline telephone law on to the Inter...

In spite of opposition from both parties on Capitol Hill, Donald Trump has started his trade war with China, Canada, Mexico, and the European Union. He thinks he can bully these entities into doing what he wants -- give the United States an undeserve...

A Fourth of July video captured a white man who called the police because he refused to believe that an African-American woman and her infant were members of their community pool in Winston-Salem. Since the video has gone viral, the man — ident...

President Donald Trump’s trade war with China kicked off on Friday, when the United States started applying 25 percent in tariffs on $35 billion worth of Chinese imports and China fired back with taxes on the same amount of U.S. goods. On Thurs...