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The only real solution to this problem is robust economic activity. The post Welfare By Another Name? Finland Experimenting With Providing Citizens With ‘Basic Income’ appeared first on RedState.

In the lead up to the 2016 election, we saw headlines like this from respected publications: “The 2016 Election Will Be the Biggest Referendum on Climate Change Ever” from Business Insider, “Sanders Says Climate Change Is Central El...

 Well howdy, partner! How’s your Django app deployment going? Jackson Wayne makes leather goods with a decidedly old-timey, pre-WWII/post-Pony Express bent. Founded by a former lawyer, Andrew Lynch, the style is based on “old picture...

HUD just updated its lead action rule for the first time since 1999.HUD Secretary Julián Castro at a home where lead paint is being removed. CREDIT: AP Photo/Steven SenneThere’s no safe level of lead in children’s bloodstreams. But up until now...

 Aiming for the stars and not quite making it, the ambitious App.net has finally officially shut down. Its timely rise and fall comes as highly symbolic as its once rival, Twitter, continues to struggle, years later, with monetization, content...

File this under: Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager, George Soros lost about One Billion Dollars in the weeks following Donald Trump’s election victory. That’s Bi...

The charts above are from the IGM Forum, and represent the views of this nation's economic experts. Note that only 5% of the economists believe that Trump plan will help the middle class, and only 2% believe it will help low-skilled workers. Meanwhil...