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There are both structural reasons and pandemic-specific reasons people are quitting their jobs in large numbers, the agency S&P reported.

Retail is the tip of the spear for a huge change in the US economy. People are buying more stuff and companies are profiting more, with fewer workers.

"Simply put: America's back to work and our jobs recovery is going very strong," Biden said on Friday. A close look at the data shows he may be right.

Tesla and dozens of auto industry suppliers are urging the US government to drop tariffs on Chinese items, including battery-making materials.

Hiring was slower in most sectors than in previous months, but service industries like leisure and hospitality were hit especially hard.

Millions of Americans want to get back to work, but lack of childcare options, flexibility, and adequate wages are keeping them away.

Between realizing life is too short, retiring, and starting a new business, many people don't plan to return to work anytime soon.