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In this Indie Penance: Waking Life, Frankenstein Texas, Tom N Artie, The Herebey Dragons and This Train Terminates Here.

Tab Kimpton's charming traveller's guide challenges real-world LGBTQ+ myths.

Indie creator Gary Scott Beatty joins Webtoons with Gods of Aazurn.

Giving generously to an important cause is cool. Y’all know what’s cooler? Giving generously to an important cause and, as a result, becoming the proud owner of a gorgeous piece of comic book art. Cat Staggs — the co-creator of Crosswind an...

Indie Penance is back with Storm Clouds, Mild Frenzy, Cognition, The Great North Wood and Metropo.

Tom Hardy continues his tradition of playing comic book characters whose main power is mumbling in the latest trailer for Venom. It's a fun-filled 3:14 that extols the virtues of teamwork, appreciating one another's differences and making the best of...

Time to make comics... maybe next week. The post On The Shelf #9: Busy, Busy… appeared first on shelfabuse.com.