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After a bit of a hiatus, Indie Penance is back with indie comics mini-reviews. Rejoice, damn you! The post Indie Penance #16: Tomorrow Bones Survivor Squad appeared first on shelfabuse.com.

"I didn't always know what I wanted to do but I knew the kind of woman I wanted to be." ~ Diane Von FurstenbergEver heard the saying we all have a little Wonder Woman inside us? I have, and my daddy was the one who repeatedly affirmed this to me ever...

A fun and engaging adaptation of the enduring Games Workshop board game. The post Blood Bowl: More Guts More Glory #1 Review appeared first on shelfabuse.com.

The Ghost City Comics Competition is now open for submissions. The post Ghost City Comics Competition Opens to Indie Creators appeared first on shelfabuse.com.

Ramin Abhari's faithful and engaging account of the 1974 Flixborough disaster. The post Nylon Years Graphic Novel Review appeared first on shelfabuse.com.

"There is no beauty without strangeness." ~ Edgar Allan PoeAnyone who knows me can't deny I'm a different kind of girl, a different cup of tea, always have been, always will be. I was born in the south, the daughter of a southern gentleman and a Phil...

Indie Penance #15: Pacific, Venus Rises, Elves & the Agro Adventure, Bob: Non-Union Psychic, Supernaut and Stephan Franck's Silver. The post Indie Penance #15: Super Silver Adventures appeared first on shelfabuse.com.