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Dutch artist Erik Kriek, of the longstanding Gutsman, reinterprets five classic murder ballads in this brilliantly unsettling collection The post In the Pines: 5 Murder Ballads Graphic Novel Review appeared first on shelfabuse.com.

Mystery Club creator Amy Tucker discusses self-publishing and gathering up the courage to start making comics. The post Interview: ‘Mystery Club’ Creator Amy Tucker appeared first on shelfabuse.com.

This new series from 10 Things I Hate About You scribe Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith is another sure-fire hit for BOOM! Box. The post Misfit City Volume One TPB Review appeared first on shelfabuse.com.

In this week's Indie Penance: Ghost Butterfly, Untitled, Crow Jane and The Far Dark Side. The post Indie Penance #21: Untitled Crow Ghost appeared first on shelfabuse.com.

I spend some quality time with the new subscription-based comic app from Comichaus. The post Comichaus App: A Potential Game Changer for Indie Creators appeared first on shelfabuse.com.


The fifth chapter of the sci-fi noir action-adventure is available now. The post Krel Komix Announces The Release of Chapter 5 of Argent Starr appeared first on shelfabuse.com.