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I already liked fine banjo playing but now I also have appreciation for wild foxes' musical taste. (Thanks, UPSO!)...

Was at the USPS online store looking for some stamps today and came across these ridiculously cute Message Monsters ones! I was immediately reminded of Mark's tiny creature drawings (right?): View this post on Instagram A post...

Animal ASMR (yes, it's an actual thing) posted this delightful video of a small turtle eating some yummy fruit and vegetables. And if you're still not hip to the ASMR buzz, here's Wikipedia's explanation: Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR...

Ireland President Michael D. Higgins was holding a presser outside his house this week when his Bernes Mountain Dog, Misneach, stole the show, and the headlines. (Irish Central)...

This pupper reminds me of my darling Electra.

@jonathannormoyle1 I shaved for the first time in a while and my girls did not like it. ♬ original sound – Jonathan Normoyle These girls are suspicious of the strange barefaced man who resembles their dad. When he reaches for one of th...

The Cat's Gambit

By Boing Boing on Mar 4, 2021 in: Video, cute

Adorable cat video starts with chess and then gets odder.