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How big is your box gap? Can your kitty fit thru? Find out with cats Maru and Hana above! The post OMG, WATCH: Cats Maru & Hana put the box-gap challenge to the test! appeared first on OMG.BLOG.

And we love them for it. “My cat is a dingus,” says IMGURian BasicPumpkinSpice. “Trying to lick and scratch at the same time. “His name is Rocky. “He is 14.” Aww! Rocky is amazing. What a cool old cat. My cat is a dingus Read the rest...

You definitely need some of this cuteness right now. “My cat Tofu REALLY likes her cheeks rubbed,” says IMGURian kokorifado. What a well-loved kitty cat. My cat Tofu REALLY likes her cheeks rubbed. Read the rest...

When you say you're super into the great outdoors and nature and -- something weird shows up. From Myles and Willows on Instagram. View this post on Instagram Don't you feed that duck my treats!! 🦆 _______...

The cat-loving Guinness world record holder and internet personality CatManToo shared this video a couple years ago, but since it's making the viral rounds uncredited, I wanted to share the original. Robert, Didga and Boomer have an online store and...

And that is why we love him so.