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Radical Ring PopsRadical Ring Pops

A fashion blog dedicated to a cute and kawaii aesthetic on the cheap. Inclu...


This is a blog about happiness, dreams and anything cute and geek=)

SkribblyKids BlogSkribblyKids Blog

Blog updates about cute characters, and other experimental drawings and pho...

Simple PleasuresSimple Pleasures

Lovely, enchanting & a place of solace. Come & see!


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Slow lorises are rarely seen in the wild (and by “wild,” we don’t mean a Russian oligarch’s mansion), so adorable little baby ones are even... The post OMG, how cute: Slow loris babies appeared first on !! omg blog !! [the ori...

WeRateDogs compiled a nice montage of some of the best dog clips of 2016. Even if you're an aficionado of the genre, there may be a few surprises for you. It's also oddly moving. (more…)...

Is it real? Is it real?? The post OMG, how cute: Little white puff appeared first on !! omg blog !! [the original, since 2003].

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Cuz we know you had an itching for it! Time to scratch that itch after the jump (Safe for work, however VERY seductive!). CLICK TO... The post OMG, start the year off RIGHT: Here’s 15 cats posing like vintage pin-up girls appeared first on !! o...

…Because sometimes you just wanna see a pot-belly pig who was raised with a cat capture its eternity-friendship in a hot photoshoot! Check out a... The post OMG, fuck all that darkness! Here’s a cute BEFORE & AFTER mega-post of anima...

We want to meet the owner of this… poodle? (Thanks, Daniel!) The post OMG, how magical: My Little Pony Dog appeared first on !! omg blog !! [the original, since 2003].