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 AT&T is not happy with the rules the FCC has proposed for a 2015 spectrum auction that would reserve a piece of the airwaves for sale for smaller providers that lack low-frequency range. The second-largest wireless company in the U.S. is n...

From the review of Comcast’s proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable to the FCC’s proposed reboot of its overturned net neutrality rules, policymakers are playing a key role in shaping the future course of both old and new media industries.

Filed under: Company News, Technology, Media, Entertainment Industry, Internet Paul Sakuma/AP By MICHAEL LIEDTKE SAN FRANCISCO -- Netflix's videos are streaming through Comcast's Internet service at their highest speeds in 17 months, thanks to a r...

If Comcast buys Time Warner Cable many more Americans will find themselves with a broadband cap. We take a look at how many might join the capped majority if the deal goes through.

Mike Lee, we're your friends here at RedState. We backed you in the primary, and we're sure to back you going forward. But please, lay off on his Comcast/Time Warner deal. The arguments you're making, at least as portrayed by The Hill, are the same...

Comcast is compounding its extensive Wi-Fi network with even more Wi-Fi. But these new hotspots aren't coffee shop and outdoor access points. They're inside its broadband customers' homes.

In an FCC filing, Comcast confirmed that it's investigating the possibility of creating a mobile service that would lean heavily on its growing Wi-Fi hotspot network for most of its capacity.