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Look out world, Coca-Cola is introducing beverages to Bluetooth. On Friday, the company announced its brand new soda machine, the Coca-Cola Freestyle 9100, which will utilize Bluetooth connectivity to allow users connect via the Freestyle mobile app.

To be evil or not to be evil — that is the question, Google. It seems after years of the tech company's commitment to its low-key creepy-sounding mantra, "Don't Be Evil," Google has removed the phrase from its Code of Conduct. So I guess that m...

IQbuds Boost $499 View Product The Good Great sound • Enhances sound for better hearing of ambient sound • especially speech • Well-designed app The Bad Uncomfortable to wear for long periods • Connectivity could b...

GDPR is coming and many organizations are changing their ways – you must have noticed getting emailed from your favorite websites about their new policies. One of the most sensitive data pipes in every big organization is the CRM (Customer Rela...

For the past decade, wearable devices have been marketed in the health and fitness niche as providing numerous advantages to the wearer. But how effective are these devices? Are they just for show, or do they yield tangible benefits? The Origins of W...

Everywhere you look, people are talking about digital transformation — but how much is really left to transform? We all use email, depend on software to keep our financials clean, and keep our Twitter accounts active. Surely, digital transformati...

Of course Elon Musk's joke-turned-real-product flamethrowers (sorry, "not-a-flamethrowers") have the most ridiculous terms and conditions. Thursday morning Musk's tunnel and construction business, The Boring Company, emailed out lawyer-approved terms...