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Truth. The post A Hong Kong Protestor Is Asked About China, His Answer Is Hilarious appeared first on RedState.

Large tech companies find ways to make money off of your data without you knowing about it, they might even be sharing personal information about you with governments or advertisers. If that makes you uncomfortable (I hope it does) then you should co...

Texas is getting America back little by little. The post Gregg Abbott Is Making It Fun to Watch Authoritarianism Die appeared first on RedState.

Australia "may well be the world's most secretive democracy," writes Damien Cave in The New York Times. It's cracking down on journalism that embarrasses the government, using arrests, raids and expansive warrants to chill reporting to an alarming ex...

DAAL DAZED announced their debut release, a self-titled 3-song 12” EP! It’s a raw and bluesy hard rocker featuring bottleneck guitars and a percussion heavy rhythm section.Invisible Prison starts out as a smooth opener before climaxing into an or...

If you end up on distracting sites “accidentally,” download the Pause extension for Chrome. Instead of blocking distracting sites, Pause throws up a blank green screen for five seconds, forcing you to pause. Then you can click to go to the actual...