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From whimsical sculptures in Cornwall, England, to an urban oasis in New York City, here are some of the most beautiful gardens in the world.

Brooke and Chuck Anderson left a city to homestead on 285 acres. Their chickens keep getting eaten, but they've found peace like never before.

Not everyone has the luxury of a spacious outdoor storage shed. If you love to garden but lack the space to store all the necessary tools, one solution might be to turn those large garden planters into their own storage vessel. It’s easier than you...

Why am I so obsessive about Barberton fried hen, people? I can’t clarify it, past The post Hopocan Gardens: One of many Greatest Locations to Get pleasure from Barberton Fried Rooster appeared first on BUFFTHEBANANA.

This Italian farm sits 8 meters under the ocean. It's called Nemo's Garden and was created by the Ocean Reef Group. The underwater farm began in 2013 when the owner's crops were having trouble in the cold weather, above ground. — Read the rest...

This 6"x10"x14" statue of a Tyrannosaurus Rex eating garden gnomes from SOWSUN is truly the perfect garden decor. Just look at these details! The description is pretty wonderful, too: The garden gnomes statue can be positioned indoors or ou...

The pandemic-propelled gardening boom has been great for people with a yard, a community garden plot, or even a balcony. But for those of us who have none of the above, outdoor gardening options have been as limited as ever. But there is one avenue...