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California is one of the states in the U.S. where dreams really do come true. From the majestic sceneries up and down the coastline to the variety of fresh foods and the industries of Silicon Valley and Hollywood, California truly has it all. An...

Tech stocks are too expensive, analysts say. There "will be a better entry point," says one strategist, but pending rate hikes now are a deterrent.

'Our gov't did the right thing. This was not a bailout in any form' he said, in support of the government's move.

As the shutdown of Silicon Valley Bank sends shockwaves through the startup community, venture capitalists are looking for someone to blame.

Ackman criticized the government's lack of intervention in SVB's collapse on Friday, as well as its failure to monitor the bank for possible risks.

A hawkish message from Fed boss Jerome Powell this week will "lay the groundwork" for a sell-off in tech stocks, Deepwater's Gene Munster said.

Money market funds are hot with short-term Treasury yields shooting higher, says SoFi's Liz Young, who also says be wary of a Fed policy pivot.