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Rodney Olsen is a husband, father, blogger, cyclist and radio announcer from Perth, Western Australia. This is his blog.

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More Than Happiness

on Dec 31, 2019 in: Life

It’s over. 2019 is gone and 2020 has arrived. We’ve now entered the twenties. Over the last few days, there’s every chance you’ve been exchanging the customary greeting of “Happy New Year” with anyone who happens t...

Beneath the Wrapping

on Dec 24, 2019 in: Faith, God, Jesus

(This is based on a post that I republish each year around this time.) While you’re unwrapping your gifts this Christmas I wanted to take a few moments to unwrap the real Christmas story. We all enjoy giving and receiving gifts on Christmas Day...

One day you’re walking through the shopping centre as normal, then the next day, WHAM! Not just Wham, but Mariah Carey, Michael Buble and a host of others singing Christmas favourites. I think I first heard Christmas music playing as the soundt...

It’s Happening Again

on Dec 14, 2019 in: Australia

The eighties … a time of big music and even bigger hair. Yes, I’ll admit it. I had a mullet. As the eighties started heading towards the brave, new world of the nineties, we hit 1987. It was the year Aretha Franklin became the first woman...

Can I get a busy badge?

on Dec 2, 2019 in: Life

You’ve had the same conversation a thousand times. You meet up with someone who asks how you’ve been and you answer by telling them … ‘busy’. Their question isn’t about your level of activity, it’s about your...

Can We Get a Refund?

on Nov 22, 2019 in: Life, Australia

Hey America, I’ve been looking around at all the wonderful days of celebration you have on offer and I’m wondering if we can get a refund. It seems we bought the wrong day. I’m fine if you have a ‘no refund’ policy. A straight exchange will...

(This is an updated post from previous years.) If you’ve been to a shopping centre recently or watched any television, you’ll know that Christmas is rapidly approaching and there are…Read More...