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You can’t spell “New York City’s LaGuardia Airport” without C-A-B. Er … actually you can. But for many New Yorkers, a journey to LaGuardia and a taxi ride are synonymous. There’s no train or subway connection to the airport, and while the...

A group bidding for the assets of the bankrupt New York City Opera is using a name that already belongs to another opera company.

The festival will begin July 6 with an orchestra playing some of Danny Elfman’s film scores; the National Ballet of China and the Cleveland Orchestra will also perform.

The playwright won the prize, which provides $50,000 to the winning playwright and an additional $100,000 to defray production costs, for his new play "The Guards at the Taj."...

The board of the bankrupt New York City Opera says it wants to sell its name and other assets to the bidder whose offer is lower than the competing bid.

Mr. Danza sings a musical number -- and does some tap dancing -- from the new Broadway musical, with the show's composer, Jason Robert Brown, on piano.

"Clinton the Musical," which portrays Bill Clinton as mired in scandal and a politically ambitious Hillary Rodham Clinton, will begin performances in March.