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The festival will include former poets laureate and a tribute to Amiri Baraka.

Filed under: Etc. New York City taxi driver Rodolfo Sanchez used an E-ZPass reported lost in 2011 and the close quarters that New Yorkers are used to, in order to save himself $28,000 in 18 months. During 1,061 crossings of the Robert F. Kennedy Bri...

The Tribeca New Music Festival will focus on the local music scene, while the Mise-en festival will present music from far corners of the world.

Toss your toy mice in the air: North America has its first cat cafe. The Cat Cafe by Purina One opens its kitty door (and its human-size doors) to New Yorkers on April 24, and will remain open for four days. Curious cat lovers will have the chance to...

Filed under: Company News, Internet, Travel Industry, Scandals and Lawsuits, Home Rental Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images By MICHAEL VIRTANEN ALBANY, N.Y. -- Most New York City rentals listed by the global website Airbnb appear to violate s...

Both new musicals grossed more than $1 million for the first time last week.

A musical based on Jonathan Lethem's novel "The Fortress of Solitude" will be part of the Public Theater's 2014-15 schedule.