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He knows both families - the Corleones and the Cuomos. The post ‘The Godfather’ Actor Speaks on Chris Cuomo’s Fredo Freakout: ‘His Father Would Smack Him’ appeared first on RedState.

Five years after Eric Garner’s death — an event that galvanized the cry “I can’t breathe” into a national campaign against police brutality and spawned the Black Lives Matter Movement — Officer Daniel Pantaleo, the...

Like you, Stephen Colbert has had just about enough of this bleak news cycle: death, destruction, a racist president, and terrifying temperature records, and as he explains here, a 50/50 chance of a recession! Yay! So you can't blame him for wanting...

In October 2018, Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes was invited to speak at the Manhattan Republican club, drawing neo-Nazi supporters and antifa protesters; Proud Boy thugs waded into the protest and began indiscriminately attacking the protesters.

Whether primitive or cutting-edge, in the wrong hands, technology can empower bad actors and put our society at risk, creating a sense of helplessness and frustration.

Layleen Cubilette-Polanco, a 27 year-old Afro-Latinx trans woman who had epilepsy and schizophrenia, died in June at New York’s Rikers Island after being placed in punitive segregation. An autopsy found that she died of an epileptic seizure. H...

After NYC raised its minimum wage from $7.25/h to $15/h this year -- the largest pay hike for low-waged workers in half a century -- the city's restaurants boomed, posting the highest growth levels in the country. The findings come from a study...