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That's So NYC : Sarcastic New York NewsThat's So NYC : Sarcastic New York News

Inspired by all the events that you witness living in New York City. A sa...


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The ninth La Mama Moves! Dance Festival will include a partnership with a French-American festival.

Ai Weiwei delivered remarks via video at the Brooklyn Museum's Artists Ball.

A petition filed in New York State Supreme Court claims that the city's environmental approval process was faulty.

New York City has a new hero: Meet Subway Oyster Shucking Man, distant cousin to Subway Brie Man . Not much is known about our oyster shucker, aside from the obvious: he's very prepared and very determined. But what's the rush? Eating brie on the go...

Reader David was walking down a street in Brooklyn when he noticed this unfriendly-looking retail establishment. He called it the “least welcoming front door ever on a jewelry store,” and we have to agree. It would be less welcoming if it...

The experimental performance company Incubator Arts Project announced that it would close in July.

The New York City Ballet spring gala on May 8 will include works featured at the 1964 opening of its Lincoln Center home.