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Brandon Turrell first came across the Financial Independence, Retire Early movement — better known as the FIRE movement — in 2012.

"I wasn't going to be rich, but I was comfortable every month having more than I would need in the Philippines," Corey Fraser said about retiring early.

A Filipino woman claimed on Reddit that after an initial visa rejection, she was approved entry to Italy because she sent proof of Taylor Swift tickets in Singapore.

Fortuna Cools, a company from the Philippines, makes nutshell coolers out of coconut waste instead of expanded polystyrene foam...

Mali, an Asian elephant, died in Manila Zoo in the Philippines after spending most of her life in a concrete pen.

Homes in the Beverly Hills of the Philippines are rarely sold to outsiders, as many who live there are regarded as the "Old Money" of Cebu.

The couple estimates that they spent about $158,400 to build their two-story Philippines home, including the cost of the land and all their furniture.