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Focused on baby boomers who want to leave a better world for those who follow them on this planet.

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My little rose

on May 20, 2016 in: garden, poetry

My little rose bloomed today,Shiny and moist for the world to see.It blew with the breeze tickling its petals.It whirled and danced so happy was she.My rose wants to be red like its friends,But her roots say white like the clouds above.So sing a song...

The Heart

on May 13, 2016 in: love, poetry

The heart that is brokenHeals ever so slowly.The heart that is liftedBrings joy all around.The music I hear in your voiceSings of love and your embrace.You are my harp throughout the day.

Room by myselfThe sun sneeks to peer inside,But why?Nothing goes on in here anymore.It's over..The game is played.All is quiet now.I gaze over at the bed,Neatly made, pillows fluffed Empty, sterile, alone like me.How has this silence become so noisy...

Used to be,I wasn't one.I helped the others,But I wasn't one.I cooked soupand chopped veggies,But I wasn't one.I gave bags of foodTo them, not me!I was the giverNot the receiver.I never thoughtThe day would comeWhen I became one, too!

on Sep 13, 2013


My life has changed. I'm now living on a farm in East Tennessee while my daughter and her husband adjust to having a new baby in the home. To start with, this has been quite the year for me!  Four homes in six months, a new job which became...

Once upon a time in a land of rolling hills and fields of corn and beans, there was a little farm girl wih red curly hair and freckles.  She lived on an old farm where her great great grandparents had settled when Indians hunted amidst its creek...