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A look at the direction and meaning of commerce. Commerce is the source of the modern world. It has direction. It favors human diversity, open systems, markets, technology and honesty. Pro commerce is an optimistic daily view.

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Understanding America

on May 18, 2023

I look at my fellow Jews who are Lefty and very close to being self-hating Jews. Their love of the Democrat party is shocking now that it is obvious that the Left wants Jews dead. Academia hates Jews as does the NYTimes and the other mainstream media...

I Was Wrong

on May 13, 2023

A few blogs back I attributed a large part of the current employment dump in high-tech to widespread understanding, from Elon Musk’s example, that more than half of tech employees are a waste. I was wrong. Musk found a commercial truth but his fell...

Business in Tokyo

on May 7, 2023

The effects of covid on Tokyo are minor compared to the U.S. Their schools were not impacted; education is far more important to the Japanese. Working from home on computers and Zoom was anticipated. The Japanese firm where I was the key partner (Dyn...

Why We Are Divided

on Apr 30, 2023

What had to be gone first, what was in place already and what was new that brought this division about? Over fifteen million Americans served in the military in WWII. College graduates usually became officers. It was a source of civil behavior and me...

Let Me Try

on Apr 27, 2023

One of my longtime readers objected to a statement a few blogs back where I called the Democrat Party the ‘party of hate.’ I apologized for using such intemperate language, and explained what drove me to it. There is no excuse. My explanation was...

Arrived in Tokyo

on Apr 24, 2023

Four years of covid have kept me from my beloved Tokyo. I have been coming to Japan for nearly 50 years, usually for two months; once longer and now mostly for one month. What is the difference between Tokyo and San Francisco? The food is spectacular...

Bohemian Club

on Apr 14, 2023

Evil fools have brought the Bohemian Club into the news recently. The hatred that the Party of Hate (Democrats) has brought to Justice Thomas has boiled over to the Bohemian Club, where he was invited to visit, claiming it to be some domestic version...