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A look at the direction and meaning of commerce. Commerce is the source of the modern world. It has direction. It favors human diversity, open systems, markets, technology and honesty. Pro commerce is an optimistic daily view.

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Fear of Sex

on Sep 17, 2020

Many of us joke that LBGT is really LBGTQRSTUV. In some ways it is not a joke. I write this blog because I see that the level of sexual confusion in the society around me is at a very high level and many young people have a justifiable fear of sex. I...


on Sep 16, 2020

This blog is about the labor market which is different from what we imagine. My title comes from the English usage which I find in the Cambridge Dictionary. “redundancy noun (Not employed) a situation in which someone loses their job because their...

This is a problem for many who see the world through data and original documents. A great deal of the Lefty world around us is in a state of sheer paranoia. A giant paranoid bubble. How do we know where the paranoia ends? The data-documents-people of...

You can tell if a nation has real democracy: its a democracy if the broadcast media is divisive. We know how divisive the current broadcast media is in the U.S. and we know about 'Yellow journalism' a century ago, including the hatred of Corporations...


on Aug 29, 2020

Most religions focus on suffering. Christianity and Buddhism for sure. I have people come to me for advice and some complain that all the 'spiritual practices' focus on suffering that is not relevant to them, while others complain that their sufferin...


on Aug 27, 2020

I am uniquely qualified to write this blog. In 1978 I created a park in San Francisco at 5th St. and Minna, for 'street people'. Also called 'homeless,' 'winos' and 'bums'. The park had grass, toilets, a basketball hoop, benches to sleep on and large...

My new hero

on Aug 7, 2020

Nobody could be a greater advertisement for modern commerce than my new hero. The man who did this: No government and no socialist country could or would ever put a sports car in orbit. The orbit is similar to earth's but reaches out to Mars. Only co...