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A look at the direction and meaning of commerce. Commerce is the source of the modern world. It has direction. It favors human diversity, open systems, markets, technology and honesty. Pro commerce is an optimistic daily view.

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Spotty commerce

on Sep 26, 2016

A few blogs back, on why Canada has so little entrepreneurial modern commerce, a regular reader, Brian, asked why I looked down the list of the top Canadian companies to position 24 before finding an entrepreneurial modern company. Here is the reason...

My father and Jew hate

on Sep 25, 2016

About half of Americans who call themselves Jews are Democrats. That means they don’t support the survival of their fellow Jews. The Democrat Party is now run by an anti-Israel majority. Obama outright hates Jews like his mentor Farrakhan. Fortunat...

I’ve looked at the data and concluded that most types of immigration are good. Immigrants from India have been positive contributors to commerce since they first began coming 100 years ago and settling in Fresno California. Today they are the backb...

Why not Canada?

on Sep 23, 2016

My readers know that I have been struggling with the history of modern commerce for a long time. I accept the founding location and time in Holland in the 1600’s with a major thrust in England in the late 1700’s due to rebellion against the hered...

Lose weight pill

on Sep 22, 2016

I keep expecting to hear about a real pill that makes weight loss possible. It would seem to be such a potential profit center that many labs would be working on it. Please don’t write to tell me about something that works. My thinking has led me t...

On one visit to Hong Kong in the late 1970’s I ran into a friend from the clothing firm Espirit at the Peninsula Hotel in Kowloon. He was Peter Buckley, later CEO of European Espirit. He invited me to the local guest house. I went with my girlfrien...

Old Hong Kong

on Sep 20, 2016

Hong Kong is always in the news. England gained control of this island after the first Opium Wars in 1842 and part of the mainland after the Second Opium War in 1860. England was forcing China to buy opium. It started as a military outpost and rapidl...