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A look at the direction and meaning of commerce. Commerce is the source of the modern world. It has direction. It favors human diversity, open systems, markets, technology and honesty. Pro commerce is an optimistic daily view.

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Abbie Hoffman

on Jul 17, 2017

Some friends of Abbie's asked me to put on an evening talk for him. I expected about 1,500 and hired a hall that later became a cooking school on Polk and Turk. This was sometime in the mid 1970’s. I mark time by the main girl friend of the time. S...

Jim Jones

on Jul 7, 2017

I knew Jim Jones for about 5 years. Rev. Jones first came to San Francisco from Ukiah in Northern California sometime between 1972 and 1974. He brought much of his church with him. He came to visit Glide Memorial United Methodist Church where I was t...

There are vast numbers of new architectural uses for shipping containers. I see new uses everyday even in ‘hate change’ San Francisco. This is now 40 years after I first used a container for a Tea house. Containers come in two sizes. 20 feet and...

Lefties hurt the poor

on Jun 28, 2017

This fact is a horrible reality that I am forced to confront nearly every day. The Left is always hurting the poor. People who know demographic data know this. What got me so steamed up recently is that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors have ban...

Zen and enlightenment

on Jun 23, 2017

I am enlightened and disappointed with enlightenment. For nearly 40 years I have sat zazen, which is the Zen Buddhist practice of sitting on a pillow (zafu) cross legged, without moving, for 40 minutes every morning with eyes slightly open. There are...

Taking dope

on May 27, 2017

I went to a panel discussion of ‘5 powerful women’ who shaped the hippie era. It wasn’t true. The panel was put together by an academic who laid her Marxist nonsense on a great historical event. Only my co-author, Salli Rasberry who was one of...

American smile

on May 25, 2017

The probability that you have heard of this is effectively close to zero. I couldn’t believe it when I heard it myself. There is such a thing as an ‘American smile’. I learned this on my most recent trip to Tokyo. I was sitting, in the early ev...