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It can't hurt. And who knows? Just possibly it may help.

Good Riddance, Chavez

on Mar 5, 2013 in: world

Michael Moynihan does not mourn the passing of this autocratic showman—and says his mad dreams will likely die with him.

The Dow reaches new heights but shared prosperity is lagging behind, writes Daniel Gross.

All Hail, McQueen!

on Mar 5, 2013 in: fashion

Sarah Burton’s small but ornate collection for Alexander McQueen was inspired, presciently, by “the high church.”...

The 25-year-old behind the best Mila Kunis interview ever tells Kevin Fallon about his viral stardom.

Noam Ohana looks back at Israel's “missed opportunity” for peace with Syria in 2009.

As we assess the Iraq war, one observation is painfully inescapable: almost all the original planning was sadly misjudged. The war planners were wrong about the WMD, about the numbers of troops required, about the cost, about the reactions of the Ira...