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Joe Biden has dropped out of the 2024 election, a gamble that Democrats had to make to stand a chance of beating Donald Trump.

Biden has endured the rough-and-tumble arena of Washington politics for over 50 years. But there's perhaps no greater force than Nancy Pelosi.

A Morgan Stanley analyst said it's "unlikely that secondary prices will stabilize in the near future."...

Kamala Harris has a host of advantages as vice president that other Democratic presidential hopefuls would not.

The Boeing 737Max-10 is being outsold by the Airbus A321neo 7 to 1. Boeing doesn't believe new A321XLR is a going to tip the market for Airbus.

AI expert Gary Marcus said the IT outage should be a "wake-up call" to consumers about the risks of trusting Big Tech with AI.

The Ohio senator's book contains clues that Vance had made an unstable compromise with elite society, and that something would eventually give.