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Jeremy Siegel told CNBC that record levels of liquidity will help stocks continue their rally in 2021.

"You may be paying a little too much now, but time will probably bail you out," Byron Wien told CNBC. "If you're patient and hold on, you probably will be rewarded."...

US stocks gained as investors digested more positive COVID-19 vaccine news and reports that Janet Yellen would be the next treasury secretary.

Blink Charging operates a network of nearly 15,000 electric vehicle charging stations as of December 31, according to the company.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told CNBC on Friday that he planned to talk with Republican leaders on next steps forward for a potential deal.

When it comes to the stock market there are really only two things you need to know: arrows up—good, and arrows down—bad. Now that you’re a self-taught stock expert, I’ve got an even hotter tip for you: Today the arrow is down on turkeys whic...

Investor appetite for technology stocks outweighed lingering concerns of daily COVID-19 cases on Thursday.