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Call for papers for a special themed issue of the Psychedelic Press journal on sex and psychedelics. Deadline for submissions is March 17, 2020. The post Call for papers: Sex & Psychedelics appeared first on Psychedelic Press.

How do we determine whether the phenomena of psychedelic states are revelations, hallucinations, or otherwise? Dr Peter Sjöstedt-H explores this question. The post Writers on Drugs presents The Hard Problem of Psychedelic Consciousness: Hallucinatio...

Ahead of the Writers on Drugs event, we catch up with LSD historian Andy Roberts about the 'man who turned on the world', Michael Hollingshead The post LSD, Hollingshead & the World Psychedelic Centre: Interview with Andy Roberts appeared first...

Using a selection of dazzling and rarely seen images, Mike Jay considers the relationship between the psychedelic and the resulting work, and asks how far can we consider ‘mescaline art’ as a coherent genre. The post The Art of Mescaline by Mike...

Gateway Mexico is the first book of the Nighttime Daydreams series by Nathan D Horowitz. A classic trip lit formula that explores peyote, ayahuasca & travel The post Gateway Mexico by Nathan Horowitz appeared first on Psychedelic Press UK.

Confessions of an English DMT-Eater (2019) by Guy Omar is an exploration of the author's experiences of the powerful psychedelic DMT. The post Confessions of an English DMT-Eater by Guy Omar appeared first on Psychedelic Press UK.

The latest issue of the Psychedelic Press journal, XXVIII, covers nineteenth century hashish eaters, solanaceous fumigations, East Aglian fayres and more. The post Psychedelic Press XXVIII is out! appeared first on Psychedelic Press UK.