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Singer Nicki Minaj got angry at the otherwise comically polite police detaining her for smuggling drugs through Amsterdam's Schiphol airport. She films her own arrest; it's inconceivable to her that this is happening. Perhaps someone will explain.

More Americans smoke weed every day than those who drink alcohol, according to research published in the journal Addiction. The numbers date to 2022, too, and it's since become more widely available as U.S. states legalize the drug. Brooke Worster, c...

 One of the lies that Trump has told is to say President Biden is feeble and incoherent. That lie was blown out of the water by Biden's excellent State of the Union speech. Now Trump has talked his way into two debates with Biden, and he's scare...

Some smoke shops in New York told Bloomberg they're out of the $5 pouches. The company's CFO acknowledged supply chain issues last month.

A field trip to the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles turned into a bummer on Tuesday afternoon when eight high school students freaked out after consuming cannabis edibles. The teens, who were on a chaperoned excursion, caught the attention of a secur...

An African city has had to put police guards on the cemeteries amid fears drug addicts are robbing skeletons from graves.

Lawyers from the Police Benevolent Association have filed a lawsuit against NYPD Police Commissioner Edward Caban and Mayor Adams over recent policy changes relating to the use of performance enhancing drugs such as steroids by active duty officers.