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A biblical story says God destroyed Sodom. A study suggests an asteroid's destruction of an ancient city millennia ago may have inspired the tale.

For the next few weeks, in honor of the longstanding association between books and lazy summer days, Jezebel is having guest authors stop by with recommendations. Today’s visitor is an old friend: Kelsey McKinney, whose debut novel God Spare the Gi...

I know. Life is rough right now. So many “experts” telling you what to do, where to go, who to see. Get the vaccine, (or more accurately, the experimental injectable) or not get the vaccine – that is the question everyone is asking.

Passover, like many other Jewish holidays, remains mysterious for people who don’t practice the Jewish faith. Perhaps you’re loosely familiar with some of its more notable identifiers—namely, gastronomic delicacies like matzah, beef brisket, an...

For more than 40 years at Biblical Archaeology Review, Mr. Shanks simplified esoteric scholarly articles and crowned them with tantalizing headlines.

Donald J. Trump considers himself a Christian, though he does not go to church regularly, read the Bible (or read anything, really), follow the teachings of Christ or display any actual Christian values and has secretly mocked others' prayers. —...

Saul had no intention of stopping the persecution of Jesus’ followers. He wanted to go to Damascus to have the believers there imprisoned and brought to Jerusalem. The post The conversion of Paul appeared first on Jesus.net.