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Not good. The post Retired Pastor & His Wife Say They Were Evicted from Their Senior Living Community for Hosting a Bible Study appeared first on RedState.

It was an Easter they'll never forget. The post Think Your Easter Was Wild? A Church in San Diego Has You Beat, & it Involves a Nut, a Gun, a Baby & a Bra. And the Rapture. appeared first on RedState.

I'm not sure she understands God's word. The post Alyssa Milano Tries to Use God to Push Abortion, and the Internet Wasn’t Having It appeared first on RedState.

There is probably an expensive education behind this The post An Iranian Convert to Christianity Is Denied Political Asylum by the UK for the Most Bizarre Reason appeared first on RedState.

One company is banking on Millennials’ love of vapid aesthetics to get the increasingly irreligious demographic back into Christ’s loving arms. Read more...

The story of the decade... The post Alabama Tornado Victims ask Trump to Sign Bibles…Meltdown Ensues appeared first on RedState.

    Here’s a story you might’ve missed. After a segment on Bible classes ran on Fox & Friends back in January, President Trump tweeted an endorsement of incorporating such classes into educational curriculum: “Numerous...