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Read about the ups and downs of gardening on our allotment plot in West Yorkshire where we have had plots since the 1980's and our garden. As well as being keen gardeners we also enjoy the wildlife that share our gardening spaces with us.

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on Jun 27, 2022

We are still in desperate need of some real rain. The situation is being made worse as the warm, sunny weather accompanied by very breezy conditions soon dry out whatever moisture we can deliver to our plants. The grass is beginning to turn yellow an...

Was that summer?

on Jun 20, 2022

What a mixed up week last week was! It is so difficult to know what to wear. One minute we needed to layer up and the next we needed to wear as little as possible whilst keeping within the constraints of decency.Last week we had two, what I would cla...

Strawberry Fare

on Jun 13, 2022

Last week was a bit of a mixed week weather-wise. It’s difficult to remember that we are now in June and the beginning of summer. On some days we have a taste of summer and winter in the same day.On the allotment we have gone from the stage where w...

May in pictures

on Jun 8, 2022

See moreCopyright: Original post from Our Plot at Green Lane Allotments http://glallotments.blogspot.co.uk/ author S Garrett Copyright: Original post from Our Plot at Green Lane Allotments http://glallotments.blogspot.co.uk/ author by S Garrett...

The plot thickens

on Jun 6, 2022

Any rain that is managing to fall is still in the form of fairly light showers. We had nothing persistent or steady. On top of this the fluctuations in temperature mean that it is not a happy time for the plants. At times it is hard to believe that i...

We did have some rain last week but it was only delivered in short drizzly showers. It was only enough to wet us when we were out and about and to dampen the ground and grass but not enough to have any impact on our dry soil. The strong winds added t...

We're getting there

on May 23, 2022

I didn't manage to make it to the allotment to do any work last week until the weekend. Our new bedroom furniture was being built and so someone needed to be at home whilst that was being done. Martyn managed to get an afternoon in to do some strimmi...