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Gardening with the Moon is a fortnightly column about Biodynamic gardening....

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Promoting the physical, mental and social benefit of gardening to a wide ra...

Our Plot at Green Lane allotmentsOur Plot at Green Lane allotments

Read about the ups and downs of gardening on our allotment plot in West Yor...

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A blog featuring my art and photograpghy with a little chat thrown in.

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In recent months, Bigfoot warning signs like the one depicted above have been spotted on trails and in state parks across Pennsylvania. No, they're not legit, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. "Bigfoot...

Photographers wait in silence, set up camera traps, fly drones, and dive into the ocean to capture the highs, lows, and thrills of life on Earth.

We saw how frogs, snakes, fish, and Komodo dragons are embalmed and preserved in jars and tanks in the Field Museum's basement.

According to a new study, the first louse to take up residence on a mammalian host likely started out as a parasite of birds. That host-jumping event tens of millions of years ago began the long association between mammals and lice, setting the stage...

A WPXI news crew was alarmed to chance across a "bobcat" in Baldwin, a suburb of Pittsburgh, this weekend. Wildlife! Outside a daycare! Baldwin Borough Police Department, the preemiment wildlife experts in West Pennsylvania, "confirmed" that it was a...

"This settlement should serve as a reminder that pollution just can't be a cost of doing business," attorney Matthew Preusch told Associated Press.

Wealth inequality is a research topic typically reserved for humans. Now, research from the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln suggests that studying wealth inequality in animals can help shed light on soci...