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A blog about life, the universe, and pizza- err, everything. Seriously thou...

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English Christian male who is not backward in coming forward with opinions

England's Pleasant PasturesEngland's Pleasant Pastures

Wholly pretentious, sentimental, often bland and above his station, this ph...

Green Lane Allotments Weather DiaryGreen Lane Allotments Weather Diary

Weather information gathered from a weather station in our garden and how t...

Emm in LondonEmm in London

The adventures of an eternal tourist living and working in London

The English KitchenThe English Kitchen

Debunking the myths of English Cookery, one recipe at a time.

The VillageThe Village

Life in a small village in northern England, and beyond.


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The North London Derby is firmly in view with the last of our internationals played last night. Laurent Koscielny – the major concern The post On Arsenal, England and Mike Bloody Dean appeared first on A Cultured Left Foot.

Ok, so on Saturday England were a bit lacklustre against Argentina, who rather inconveniently didn’t just roll over and allow England to run through their playbook.It wasn’t great, but neither was it the disaster being painted by many commentator...

Last year I wrote that Steam Complex Needed City Permission For Guys To Sleep Over. But I had no idea that a fire gutted the [...] The post Steam Complex Re-Opens After Fire appeared first on Bathhouse Blog.

The international break continues apace, hurtling toward the return of club football at breakneck speed. Even the England team are eager to get The post England Get Creditable Draw As Deschamps Offers An Alternative View appeared first on A Cultured...

A review of You Are Here: A Biography of a Moment is a review of time and place. We’re at Samhain as I write this, the moon is waxing gibbous and will be full three nights hence and I am in Canterbury in a tangle of streets midway between the.&...

So the England and Wales forward packs plan to train against one another before the November internationals in a no holds barred set piece session in Bristol?What could possibly go wrong?

You know about London, but there’s another city you should consider visiting on your next trip to the UK. Birmingham is the second largest city in England, and one of the cities that helped shape the modern world. As one of the leaders in the Indus...