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The English KitchenThe English Kitchen

Debunking the myths of English Cookery, one recipe at a time.

England's Pleasant PasturesEngland's Pleasant Pastures

Wholly pretentious, sentimental, often bland and above his station, this ph...

August RushAugust Rush

A blog about life, the universe, and pizza- err, everything. Seriously thou...

SugarBlossom WeddingsSugarBlossom Weddings

Wedding planning and co-ordination for the modern couple in the UK.

Christian QuoterChristian Quoter

English Christian male who is not backward in coming forward with opinions

A Good MoroccanA Good Moroccan

An adventure story with pictures set in Morocco and England

The VillageThe Village

Life in a small village in northern England, and beyond.


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Defendants in several high-profile cases all reside in other countries, and their extradition for prosecution is questionable at best.

Ever since my teenage years, I've been fascinated by the story of how a clogged-up Hoover led Sir James Dyson on a five-year journey in which he built 5,127 prototypes and almost went bankrupt before finally coming up with the world's first...


By Total Flanker on Jan 13, 2017 in: England, rugby

News this week that US website Groupon are advertising an unofficial England Grand Slam 2017 T-Shirt.Typical arrogant English 😀...

(or Total Flanker revives 2 year old post to take advantage of England's injury crisis in a doomed attempt to appear funny).

Filed under: Etc.,Humor,Weird Car News,BMW Losing your car in a multi-story parking structure is a pretty easy thing to do if you're not paying close attention.Continue reading Man in Scotland loses his friend's BMW for six months i...

According to The Australian newspaper last week, Eddie Jones is (or at least was) the “real clown of rugby”.That was before England’s 37-21 win over Australia on Saturday, following which one might have expected a certain amount of humble pie a...

For decades, the United States and Britain’s vision of democracy and freedom defined the postwar world. What will happen in an age of Donald Trump and Nigel Farage?