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Now that it's become clear to the MAGA party that an outright ban on abortions at either the state or federal level is a losing strategy, fake Arizona Governor Kari "Soft Focus" Lake has taken a U-turn and is now pretending she's always been in favor...

The Russian church wants doctors to dissuade patients from having abortions by telling pregnant teenagers to keep their children "because they are practically from the same generation," per the BBC.

The measure, proposed by Nevadans for Reproductive Freedom, included "all matters relating to pregnancy," not just abortion. Judge James T. Russell said it was too broad.

 The charts above are from the Wall Street Journal / NORC Poll -- done between October 19th and 24th of a nationwide sample of 1,163 registered voters, with a margin of error of 4 points.

Nikki Haley has touted her anti-abortion bonafides to GOP primary voters. But her call for "consensus" on abortion could hurt her with undecideds.

Tuesday's results illustrate Republicans can't find a winning message after Roe's historic reversal. While abortion rights advocates keep winning.

From the Civiqs Poll. ...