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A bill that would legalize elective abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy was rejected by Argentina’s senate early this morning.   Watch as the crowds celebrated: The moment life won in Argentina 🇦🇷 #SalvemosLas2Vidas pic.twitt...

** FILE ** Brett Kavanaugh appears before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill April 26, 2004, on his nomination to be U. S. circuit judge for the District of Columbia Circuit. Kavanaugh’s nomination by President Bush to a federal app...

In recent months, Rohingya Muslim refugee camps in Bangladesh have been preparing for increased childbirths following last year’s systematic rape and sexual violence by Burmese soldiers. Last week, the Associated Press followed up with several...

This is not conservatism. Not in the slightest. The post Once Again, Tomi Lahren Displays Her Faux Conservatism in Discussing Roe v. Wade appeared first on RedState.

The senator is looking for a good reason to revisit the decision. The post Republican Senator Lindsey Graham: Roe v. Wade Precedent “Should Be Respected” appeared first on RedState.

The NY Senator is LITERALLY hysterical The post Kirsten Gillibrand: Trump LITERALLY Wants to Punish Women appeared first on RedState.

Justice Anthony Kennedy announced on Wednesday that he is retiring from the U.S. Supreme Court, creating a vacancy that President Trump will have the chance to fill. FiveThirtyEight contributor Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux joins Nate Silver on the FiveThir...