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The anti-abortion movement has become more emboldened since the Trump administration was able to appoint two Supreme Court justices, paving the way for the new conservative federal bench to potentially overturn Roe v. Wade. Indeed, in an 18-13 vote...

This sounds like something out of a psychological horror movie. The post WATCH: Woman Claims Baby Sang Lullaby to Reassure Her Everything Was Okay In A Vision Just Before Aborting It appeared first on RedState.

The Supreme Court handed down a surprising order on Monday, announcing it will not hear a pair of cases asking, among other things, how much power conservative states have to defund Planned Parenthood. The order is surprising because, as Justice Clar...

Good work if you can get it The post SCOTUS Gives Planned Parenthood a Constitutional Right To Public Funds appeared first on RedState.

Long before women seeking abortions had NARAL or Planned Parenthood, in the days before Roe vs. Wade, some 12,000 relied on the work of a petite woman named Pat Maginnis. Slate profiled the radical abortion activist and pioneer, now 90, who spent her...

Just face it, Perez. Christians just aren't that into you. The post WATCH: DNC Chair Tom Perez Is Angry At Those Pesky Christians Who Keep Voting Based On Their Morals appeared first on RedState.