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The Fine Art of Fanny and Anthony Christian

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Laying On The Grass, a music blog that serves as a playlist for life's...

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Shel Waldman

By Artabase on Nov 1, 2018 in: Artists

Shel Waldman is a Male artist born in United States, currently working in United States.Shel Waldman, co-founder, Spirit Within Art Gallery A refined realist, gifted muralist, visionary illustrator, experienced arts teacher and renowned painter-arti...

Come through to check some artwork from some of NJ's talented!  Sheena She, of Chainsaws & Jelly, will be debuting her photography!Save the date, mark your calendars, set an alarm!

Founder of Chainsaws and Jelly, Sheena She, graces Chapter 39 of the True Stills Radio Programme .Many thanks to Paisley and Bunzalino for the awesome talks about art and stuff!

Here's a recap of the Art&Prozak event during Newark Arts Festival!  Shout out to Joey for the invite to photo this 3 day event.All photos shot on 35mm film by Sheena She...

Rebecca Cannon Scale Agile is a currently working in .

M.C. Escher

By Artabase on Sep 27, 2018 in: Artists

M.C. Escher is a currently working in .

Lee Darroch

By Artabase on Sep 18, 2018 in: Artists

Lee Darroch is a currently working in .