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Democratic free speech shamefully abused


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So much journalism. The post CNN Puts Out a “News” Article That Claims the Citizenship Census Question Is About “White Power” appeared first on RedState.

What in the actual... The post Former Republican Congressman Compares Parkland Survivor Kyle Kashuv to a School Shooter appeared first on RedState.

This is coming for everyone. The post GOP Representative Dis-Invited From Speaking at Cyber Security Conference Over Unrelated Pro-Life Views appeared first on RedState.

Her self-awareness level clocks in at a solid zero. The post Hillary Clinton: You Know the U.S. Is in the Midst of a Fascist Takeover, Right? appeared first on RedState.

Make up your mind already. The post AOC Flips Again, Goes Back to Saying We’ve Only Got 12 Years to Save the World appeared first on RedState.

Enough games. Just say what you want to say. The post Robert Mueller’s New Public Statement Was Cowardice Garbage appeared first on RedState.

You'd think she'd at least wait a little while before highlighting her corruption. The post Kim Foxx Just Threw the Book at Someone for Making a False Police Report but it Wasn’t Jussie Smollett appeared first on RedState.