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To me, a smartwatch is the ideal alarm clock. It can be silent, so you don’t need to wake sleeping partners, and also connected to your wrist, so you’re likely to feel the taps gently rise you from the most interesting of dreams. It’s nearly pe...

Phone calls sound like crap. They sound better than they used to, but if you need to rely on a special alphabet system for separating B’s from D’s, it’s not looking great. A new iPhone feature aims to tackle this problem by boosting your voice...

It’s been 41 days since Apple last issued a software update for your iPhone. How have you survived in the interim? (Hopefully, you updated to iOS 16.3.1 right away, since it came with serious security patches for an actively exploited zero-day vuln...

The 31 new emoji in iOS 16.4 include a shaking head, a donkey, and hands that either express approval or disapproval, depending on how you view them.

TikTok is the app in the U.S. right now. There’s a good chance you use it yourself. (Perhaps you just broke away from a binge to come read this article.) But the app’s fate, in the U.S. at least, is uncertain: Lawmakers seem poised, if not raveno...

The standard iPhone 14 is slightly more powerful than the iPhone 13, but otherwise doesn't add many features.