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Living green doesn't have to be hard. We look at a variety of eco-fri...

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MissMalaprop.com is where modern handmade meets sustainable design. I spotl...


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As the world becomes increasingly aware of the impact of climate change, many businesses are seeking ways to mitigate their carbon footprint and embrace more sustainable practices. In the transportation industry, fleet maintenance is a key area where...

Google Maps can suggest fuel-efficient driving routes that will save you gas money by burning less fuel.

Less meat, less commuting, and less driving — the UN wants you to flaunt your environmentally conscious life.

Clay refrigerators that don't need electricity saved the ceramics company Mitticool when other pottery companies in Gujarat failed.

Scott Martin's LA company is backed by Mark Cuban and rented out 1,000 potted trees this year. He encourages customers to name them.

The project was initially developed to improve the iconic apparel company's environmental footprint in the manufacturing process.

Original Article by TechSling Weblog: With more and more attention being given to our planet’s state, many business owners are looking for ways to revamp their current practices into more sustainable ones. It won’t be long before everyone...