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Apple's iPhone sales slump, Amazon's potential profit plunge, and Facebook's possible new challenges next year weighed on their shares.

Alphabet has published its Q3 earnings, revealing a big beat on Wall Street's expectations for the quarter.

If you’re a Google One subscriber, there’s a new reason to consider the service’s $10 per month 2TB plan. Google is adding built-in virtual private network (VPN) functionality to the Google One app, but you’ll need to subscribe to the 2TB and...

Google is working on a new feature for its Play Store that could save you loads of time when looking for that ideal app.  Noticed by Android Police, the feature is called Compare apps. It shows up when you open an app's page on Play Store and sc...

The forced transition from Google Play Music to YouTube Music is upon us, and for those making the switch, one annoying aspect of the new service has been how it blends random videos from YouTube in with music. As far as YouTube Music is concerned, l...

Just like that, another quarter has come and gone. Since its last earnings report was released in July, Google’s parent company Alphabet has grown its revenue to $46.2 billion in the third quarter this year. That’s not only better than last quart...

Republicans are crying “censorship” to pressure Facebook, Twitter, and Google to let them spread misinformation. But if they really got rid of Section 230, they’d be dragging everyone else down with them. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerber...