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Whether you’re in the market for tools for yourself, or to give to others as gifts, you’re probably keeping an eye out for sales and special offers—especially over the next week or so. But unfortunately, not all tools sold online are what they...

Google imposed a mandate for its more than 150,000 employees to be vaccinated — whether they will be in-office or remote — by December 3.

Shortly after Texas enacted Senate Bill 8, a near-total abortion ban that’s primarily enforced by citizens spying on and policing each other, Texas Right to Life launched what can really only be called a snitch hotline, calling on the nosiest of ne...

The metaverse may see a total addressable market of over $8 trillion, Morgan Stanley analysts said.

Can Bears’ head coach Matt Nagy do anything right? The supposed “offensive genius” currently has Chicago ranking second to last in total offense — more than 20 yards behind the third-worst team, Seattle — and tied WITH DETROIT for the third...

You can connect AirPods to your Android phone or tablet just like any other Bluetooth device, but some features will be disabled.

The stars gathered once again for the Latin Grammy Awards to remind everyone that they are incredibly beautiful and can look good wearing just about anything. The show opened with a wonderful medley helmed by Gloria Estefan in a flowy blue jumpsuit,...