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This week has sparked some very understandable debate about two very important issues, and there are high emotions on both sides. I am wary of tantrums and a huge fan of brass tacks, so let’s get down to some. Not forcing other people to pay fo...

For the fifth time since 2014, the satirical website has published the headline: “‘No Way to Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens”...

Murphy's response to the Las Vegas shooting reveals his smallness. The post Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) Is a Small, Wormlike Bigot Terrified of an Honest Debate on Guns appeared first on RedState.

The current wave of fear, anger, and dread has heated the iron enough for striking. The post Disgusting: Democrats Jump on Opportunity to Push Gun Control in Wake of Las Vegas Shooting appeared first on RedState.

On the whole, this is not an impressive choice The post Is the New White House Communications Director a Gun Grabber? appeared first on RedState.

How are those EU anti-terrorist gun control laws are working out over there? The post Czech Republic Thumbs Nose at EU’s Gun Control Measures appeared first on RedState.

Colion Noir's daily show on all things 2A related took on the inherent racism of gun control The post Redstate Contributor Appears on NRATV to Talk Racism and Gun Control appeared first on RedState.